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How do I create a framed motivational poster?

Creating a motivational poster or inspirational poster is extremely easy and any changes you make can be seen immediately on the preview screen.
The Four main steps are:
      Select a photograph: This can be done by either
      a. Choosing a photograph from one of the categories which we have already selected.
      b. Uploading one of your own.
      c. Selecting a picture from our library of over 10,000,000 million pictures which you can browse by just putting in your search phrase in the “Can't see what you want? Search from 10 million images” selection box (see question below “How do I use the search option for photographs?” – for more information on optimising your search).
  • 1. STEP ONE
      Having selected a picture – use the selection tool to position the selection box over the area you want to be printed.
      Click on “Use Selected Area” to move onto the next step.
  • 2. STEP TWO
          i. You can type your message directly
          ii. You can click on “choose quote for your message” to access our database of quotations
          iii. If necessary re-format the position of the words and the line breaks
      • a. Start by typing in your personalised message by clicking on the area under your chosen picture
    • Now here’s the creative step – we suggest the following – but you can do it in any combination you like.
          i. Change: THE FONT
          ii. Change: THE FONT SIZE AND COLOUR
          iii. Change: THE TEXTBOX COLOUR
      • b. Once you have got your message typed in you can:
          i. Your frame
          ii. The background
          iii. The size you require
      • c. Now click in one of the boxes to choose:
      Once you've created your masterpiece you can preview it and then once you’ve double checked the spelling select “add to cart” to proceed to the checkout desk and use our secure online ordering process to purchase your own unique framed print.

How do I use the search option for photographs to create a motivational poster?

Enter keyword(s) in the search box click "go".

Be creative in your search criteria – there are over 10,000,000 pictures for you to choose from and they have been categorised under many different selection criteria that if you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time try a different selection term e.g. “Trees” could be found under other search terms such as:, wood, nature, forest, fauna, jungle, trunk, logs....... “Handshake” may be found under business people, consultant, greeting, hands, service, shake, welcome, hello...... Once you’ve found a picture that you like click on it and it will be ready for you to move onto STEP TWO of the process.

Can I have my logo printed on my motivational poster too?

Yes – but this will require us to get a suitable image of your logo and agreement on where the logo is to be printed – to do this call our design department on 00 44 1283 730681. The inclusion of a logo will incur an additional set-up cost of £35 per print – large orders or repeat orders can be subject to a discount – please discuss this when contacting us.

I notice a Fotolia watermark on the pictures when I am creating my motivational poster – will this appear on the final version?

No – the watermark is only there for the creation phase to stop unauthorised copying of the images. Once you have decided to purchase the print the watermark is automatically removed.

What resolution should I upload for my own pictures for my motivational poster?

We suggest uploading the highest resolution pictures that you can to ensure the best quality reproduction.

Are discounts available for large quantity orders of motivational posters?

Yes – just contact us on 00 44 1283 730681 or email and we will respond quickly to your volume request.

What file formats can I upload to produce a motivatiuonal poster?

You can upload most common file formats including .jpg .png .tiff.

How will my personal information be used?

Your personal information is stored in a secure environment but credit card numbers are never stored.

I have a problem with my order for my motivational poster?

Your custom is very important to us so if you are experiencing problems please contact us on 00 44 1283 730681 or email and we will respond quickly to any problems that you may be experiencing.

Can I return my framed motivational poster/print?

As all Create Your Message products are individually created, products may not be cancelled, returned exchanged or changed once you have given us permission to proceed.

I’ve noticed a mistake - can I change my order for the motivational poster?

You can change (or cancel) your order providing it hasn’t already been printed. Contact us on 00 44 1283 730681 or email and we will try and deal with the mistake immediately.

Can I copy or reproduce one of your photos and use it?

Unfortunately not.

Will you consider using my photographs for others to make a motivational poster?

Yes – please contact us on 00 44 1283 730681 or email and we will respond quickly to your enquiry.

My question is not covered here!

If your question is not covered here please contact us on 00 44 1283 730681 or email and we will respond quickly to any problems that you may be experiencing.

Is entering my Credit Card Details online safe?

Yes – completely safe – All payments made for our products over the internet are processed through a secure server, which means that your card details are specially encrypted before we send them to our payment provider.

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